And So It Begins


As I’m sure you don’t know, this is version 2 of my trying-to-get-into-the-Peace-Corps blog. I decided to switch to WordPress because they have an app. (Sorry Blogspot). So welcome to this one.

This blog will definitely evolve – the background, title, colors, fonts…they’ll change. Probably a few times. From now on though, the url will stay the same. So there’s that.

I’m currently in the “interview, wait, interview, process, research and repeat” stage of the application, So I decided to procrastinate on other work to set up a blog.

So thanks for dropping by! Here’s a picture of my love, Luciano. It already kinda breaks my heart to think of missing him for 2+ years; but he’ll be in good hands. (Skyped ear-rubs and dog-kisses are just not the same. Even more unfulfilling than Skyped-hugs. Especially because in this case, one party is just confused and disinterested by the screen.)