Happy October!

Corn mazes anyone??

Today I woke up to a cool, foggy fall morning here in southeastern PA. It’s not cold enough to be “damp”, and not warm enough to be “humid”…rather, the air feels alive, friendly & refreshing. Like many people in this area, fall is my favorite season. Everything wakes up after the dozy, dreamy summer heat.

I’ve got an interview this week for a position that I would really love in a country I’ve never really read about. Thank you internet. I am so grateful for Google. (Remember Ask Jeeves? Yahoo Search?…)


Yahoo Search is still a thing? Why????

Whelp. I fell down that rabbit hole. If you were wondering, Yahoo Search has “trending” searches – directly under the search box. For some yet-unknown reason, Barney and Friends is currently trending. (After clicking, all I learned was the TV show has an IMDb rating of 3.5/10, and when you go to YouTube via Yahoo, it looks wayyy different.)

The more you know?


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