I had an interview yesterday! I think it went well. As soon as I start analyzing the past, I remember a multitude of things I could have done better.

HOWEVER (I sternly tell myself), I stayed calm and collected in the moment. My first post-interview thought was “That went well!”; so I’m trusting that. (read: forcibly beating all worried thoughts into the ground with this thought.)


If you found this searching for information about the Peace Corps application process – something to note: the application process moves FAST.

(If you submit an application that gets pulled by a country, but you don’t get an interview within a week or two – as happened to me last Dec. – you probably need to revisit your resume (i.e. get more experience), or check your essay. (The personal motivation question isn’t a short answer, like I thought last year.))

After I submitted my application, I had a week to do my (extensive) health history. Once I got offered an interview, I think I had 5 days to sign up for a time the following week. If/when I (hopefully) get an offer, I’ll have 3 days to accept or decline. So if you’re reading this for research – be sure you’re ready when you submit your application; and keep up with everything.

So now I’m just breathing. And waiting. And watching Luke Cage because damn, it’s good.



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