In Appreciation for my Friends

—–This post has been my drafts folder for….a week?…two?

ok, it’s been there since December 27th-ish.

🙂 ?

For the idealized American family, Christmas\Channukah\Kwanzaa and New Year’s time is the time of rest. Most people take off work, the kids are off school… It’s lovely.
For anyone working in customer service, it’s a complete sh*t show, and it sucks. I get to New Year’s every year, and I’m torn between wanting to party it all out, or curl up in my bed and go to sleep forever. Lucky for me, I got violently ill the week before Christmas, so I was well rested and able to thoroughly enjoy my New Year’s.
AND I remembered to ask off New Year’s Day. From all of my jobs.
The best part of working the holidays in a customer service job, (and really, the only part I like) is my co-workers. A friendship born in the trenches of demanding, complaining, irrational, entitled people, crying, destructive and even vomiting kids springs up; we lean on each other emotionally and literally. We’ve been ALL over the emotional map, and I love that we make sure to meet each other’s crazy with jokes, hugs, and free food. I have made some dear, dear friends in this environment; and I am so grateful.The pressure of holidays in retail either makes you stronger, or you die. Or go crazy…but I think you have to start out a little crazy to begin with to even go into this industry in the first place.
This holiday season I was particularly aware of how lucky I am with my friends. I know some truly amazing people. They are all encouraging, comforting, inspiring, and absolutely HILARIOUS people. If you are reading this and you know me “in real life”, thank you. You’re amazing. This holiday season it was at the forefront of my mind that when I come back we will all be in completely different places – possibly geographically, possibly with kids….???
Although I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I’m well on my way to 30 years old, that thought was life-shattering.
a bit.
A couple of weeks months ago I received possibly the best complement of my life. One of my coworker/friends told me that I have the perfect body type for wonder woman. I have not stopped thinking about it, and I still smile stupidly to myself every time I think about it. It was this compliment that was the first spark that started this friend-appreciation post.
…in early December. Oops.
So thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my amazing friends.
I am so grateful you exist, and so happy I know you.

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