Winter Storm Stella


It snowed!


Stella was a good snowstorm that didn’t melt in a few hours. A bit icy, not super fluffy and easy to dig out of, but wonderful nonetheless.

I’ve been wanting one good snowstorm this winter since November. Just when I decided that Spring was sounding nice, it snowed. A lot.

There is a poem that always floats through my head when I’m walking through the snow. I usually only remember a few lines – “Let us walk through the white snow / In a soundless space / with footsteps quiet and slow / under veils of white lace”. I looked it up (see below) and found I mis-remembered it a bit.


The stillness of winter, the way the snow muffles all sound…it feels inherently magical. Perhaps it’s the association with Chrismas, or my birthday, or the childhood excitement of a snow day off from school.

Whatever it is, I’m glad I got to see one more snowstorm before possibly moving to the desert.




Velvet Shoes

winter countryside view


Let us walk in the white snow

In a soundless space;

With footsteps quiet and slow,

At a tranquil pace,

Under veils of white lace.


I shall go shod in silk,

And you in wool,

White as white cow’s milk,

More beautiful

Than the breast of a gull.


We shall walk through the still town

winter forest viewIn a windless peace;

We shall step upon white down,

Upon silver fleece,

Upon softer than these.


We shall walk in velvet shoes:

Wherever we go

Silence will fall like dews

On white silence below.

We shall walk in the snow.

– Elinor Wylie


One thought on “Winter Storm Stella

  1. To be totally honest, I love the snow too, especially when I can get out and walk in the woods. I also like the fact that it slows things down – a white blanket -love it!

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