Eagles, Fireworks and Friends

“Happy Birthday USA, you problem child, you.” – Amber Tamblyn

My sentiments exactly.

This was my first holiday out of the country, and far from the last. I was in Addis still, so there were still toilets, working showers, fairly decent wifi, and I could wear jeans (with a white shirt and red scarf).

The Fourth of July has always been about family of choice for me. Great food (that is terrible for you), friends and of course fireworks. A few days ago, I had two out of the three. (A shout out to New Jersey – I feel your pain). I left an amazing group of friend/siblings behind in the US; and I’ve been lucky enough to have walked into another family of choice – G17 Peace Corps Ethiopia. We all chose this amazing & crazy adventure, and found a whole group of people who feel like instant family. Celebrating the 4th with them was excellent. I still missed fireworks, but our PCVLs bought us sparklers, which were pretty great. (And dairy free cake that was amazing! If any of you are reading this – that was so thoughtful it almost made me cry. You are amazing.)

Happy Independence!!

I’m currently living in (yes, living. Yes, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. No I don’t think it will happen any time soon.)  a country with a government controlled media, internet and press. This Fourth of July I have been taking time and reflecting on how deeply I value my ability to publicly talk about my discontent with the government, protest particular people in high offices, and our free press. (Yes, it exists, and facts are facts.)
I am so grateful for my family of choice on both sides of the Atlantic.  Cheers and happy ‘murica day to you all.


3 thoughts on “Eagles, Fireworks and Friends

  1. So great, Mari! How long before you get assigned to wherever you are going?? Very nice to have an Ethiopia/Peace family. Everyone looks excited to get going! Enjoy these blogs immensely. Love you, Sara

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    1. August 19th I think is the magic date when we’ll find out where our specific site is. I may not post it here, for security reasons, but I’ll include you in the email. ☺️


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