Site Visit! 

Site Visit! 

(The picture above is of Mettu) 

Site visit!

This is a week, sometime during PST (Pre-service training) when we go and see where we’ll be living for the next two years.
(Monkeys are like squirrels here, but more destructive. And shyer.)

There are three main languages in Ethiopia: Amharic, Oromo and Tigrinya. Oromo is spoken by the highest number of people, living in Oromia – a swath of land through the middle (west to the center, around Addis) and then south east of the country. Amharic and Tigrinya are cousin languages, both using Fidel script, spoken in Amhara and Tigray respectively. (Amharic is also the main/official language for SNNPR (Southern Nations), and is the official language of the country.) I’m headed to Oromia, so I’ve been learning Afan Oromo. 

My site is a tiny village near-ish Mettu, in the Illu Babour region of Oromia. (West/ Central Oromia). It is FAR from Addis. Those of us around Mettu – our regional office is in Jimma. Jimma is 65%ish Amharic speakers and 35%ish Oromo, but people who speak Oromo are always thrilled when we ferengis (foreigners) speak it, so that’s fun. Jimma is a day’s travel away, but I get to meet up with great people there, so it’ll be worth it. (Volunteers in the Keffa region of Southern nations are centered in Jimma too.)

(I found apples!!!! But they’re so so so expensive.)
Site visit was stressful, and incredibly helpful. The best part was meeting the PCVs already in the area. Because of events that happened in Ethiopia last year, everyone currently serving in Peace Corps Ethiopia was given the opportunity to go home and receive “interrupted service”. What this means for me? Everyone who is here, really wants to be. I get to join an amazing community of people. 

Over the past few months I’ve felt my standards changing – for almost everything. Hotel rooms, cell phone use, coffee, clothes, restaurants… food diversity… but after coming back to our training site we all realized where we are right now is not rural. We’re all about to go through another big lifestyle change. Again. This time for two years. So we’ll see how that goes. 

My home for the next two years! My land lady is a gem. She’s absolutely fantastic.